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Life Sciences Department 


This web page presents an overview of the department, and access to faculty and staff home pages.

What is Biology?

Biology is the study of life. Visit this link to read a more detailed definition of biology.

Associate in Science & Arts Degree

The required foundation skills, general education requirements, and electives appropriate to the Associate in Science & Arts Degree can be reviewed by accessing this web page (also in the college catalog).

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides identify the courses to take at Muskegon Community College before transferring to a senior college or university.  Curriculum guides are available for most of the popular majors and transfer schools.

Biology Course Descriptions

Open this web page to view the descriptions of the courses and modules offered by the department (also in the college catalog).

Biology Course Objectives

Open this web page to view the objectives of the courses.

Course Syllabi

Department faculty present their course and module syllabi on this web page.  Specific semester syllabi are available for review in the department office (Room 243) and the college library.

Biology Course Transfer Equivalents

To facilitate the transfer of Muskegon Community College courses to Michigan's colleges and universities, MCC counselors regularly update course and module transfer equivalents.  This web page provides current biology course and module transfer equivalents.

Current Semester Schedule

Access this web page to view the biology courses offered during the current semester.

Biology Student Resource Room

This web page describes the course-related software available for student use in the Life Science Department Biology Student Resource Room.

Life Sciences Department Performance-Based Scholarship

In addition to the variety of scholarships available at Muskegon Community College, the department annually awards several performance based scholarships. The Life Science Department of Muskegon Community College is recruiting college freshmen interested in careers related to Biology. This program covers either full or partial tuition fees to qualified, incoming freshmen students who demonstrate a high level of achievement. Recipients are normally expected to register in Biology courses, participate in the activities of the department, and maintain a high level of academic achievement. This program is not based on financial need. Grants may be renewed each semester upon the recommendation of the department. Information may be obtained by contacting the Life Science Department at (231)777-0273 or from the Financial Aid Office at MCC. Applications for this scholarship must be submitted to the Life Science Department no later than April 1st. This may be done by filling out the application and emailing the completed application to the department secretary at

Kasey Hartz Natural Area

Access this web page to view a description of the Kasey Hartz Natural Area and Nature Trail, located on the campus of Muskegon Community College.  To arrange for a guided tour during the spring and early fall seasons, call 231.777.0273 or .  A two week advance notice is needed for a guided tour.

Muskegon Community College Herbarium 

Many plant specimens from the Kasey Hartz Natural Area and from surrounding West Michigan areas are preserved in the Muskegon Community College Herbarium located in the Life Science department area.  Some of the specimens have been specifically constructed for students and are utilized by the college students for courses such as BIOL 104, BIOL 120, and BIOL 120F.  If you desire to view particular herbarium sheets, please contact Theresa Van Veelen ( with your request and possible visiting dates/times.


Laboratory Safety Rules & Agreement 
Each student will be given a copy of this agreement which is included in their lab manual and required to read over the following guidelines. 

Other Natural Features of Muskegon Community College Campus