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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning at MCC empowers students and faculty to creatively combine learning in the classroom with experiential activities and opportunities beyond our campus. Through effective communication and collaboration, we help students make meaningful connections between their academic goals and lifelong pursuits.

MCC faculty have been challenging students to become more personally engaged in their learning through field work whether in the form of research, placement in community organizations, travel opportunities, or special projects.

Courses with an experiential learning component provide students with guided opportunities to encounter firsthand the issues that they read and study about, requiring them to apply academic learning to nonacademic settings and challenging them to use their experiences in those settings to think more critically and deeply about what they are studying.

Current Experiential Learning activities include:


History Politics Business
Civil War Battle: Trip to Gettysburg, PA
Civil War Battle: Trip to Vicksburg, MS
*Belize - Mayan Culture

Model United Nations
Model Arab League
Model NATO

Trip to Chicago Stock Exchange
*German Exchange
Art Biology German
Trip to Chicago Art Institute Environmental Science
*Belize - Rainforest Ecology
*German Exchange
Trip to Chicago German Christmas Market
Trip to Stratford, Canada


 *Interdisciplary course

Take learning to the next level by participating in the following: